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Who We Are

Our staff is dedicated to helping you, the ECP, by providing your consumers with the quality product that will get them coming back to you time and again. Our staff is always willing and ready to share their optical knowledge with you, as well as to personalize your patients’ experience.

Our Approach

Located in the heart of New York, we understand how important quality is to your customer. Perfect Optical is known for its commitment to quality, expedient delivery times, extensive inventory, competitive pricing, and specialized professionalism. Our company has been a trendsetter for the optical lens market since its inception almost 40 years ago.

Our History

When Sam Motchkin first opened Perfect Optical in 1978, he brought his unique vision to the forefront of his new business. The company has been a trendsetter in its market since then. In 1983, his business had fully computerized billing. It became the first to bring a whole range of budget lenses to the price conscious ECP. Recently, Perfect Optical has transitioned into touch screen ordering to endure accuracy and speed delivery. The company is currently working hard to go completely paperless in the future.

We are the only optical lab in New York City with
full digital capabilities, In-house AR, state-of the art
finishing department and a full stock house.